wisebitenutrition Payment and Cancellation Policy

Brief word on Insurance

I do not accept insurance. However, a billing statement or a letter can be provided upon request for possible reimbursement. I recommend calling your insurance company and asking if nutrition services are covered. See below for some information to provide to your insurance company. For additional information on insurance please refer to FAQ section.

  • 1-hour initial assessment and consultation:
    CPT code 97802-4
  • 30-minute follow-up session:
    CPT code 97803-2
  • Possible ICD-10 codes:
    Z71.3 (General Nutrition Counseling )

I only accept credit card payment for now. Please call to discuss fees.

Important Cancellations Policy
If you need to reschedule your appointment, please do so via practice
better client portal within 48 hours. Clients will be charged the full fee
for appointments canceled less than 48 hours in advance unless there
are extenuating circumstances. I appreciate your understanding and